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The Dream which Lies in My Heart







文    森本 歩子

印 刷  Le Bois de Livre

製 本  森本 歩子

発 行  Le Bois de Livre 20163月 限定25部

size   55×60 mm 14 pages / 箱  62×75 mm

The book contains an original poem about a dream, and elements related to the dream are placed in the box.

Each page in the book is made from a different paper.

The box and some of the pages are also hand-painted in white.

The book is bound japanese-style in cotton.

Text by Hoko Morimoto

Book size   55 x 60 mm,  14 pages

Box size  62 x 75 mm

Edition   25 copies

Le Bois de Livre March, 2016



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